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We provide you self-service business analytics without you having to code. By connecting your data from multiple sources, we can reveal insights that are buried deep within your data. In a matter of minutes, you get meaningful data on an intuitive visual interface.

"With Iconia on your team, you can become a force to be reckoned with in your industry. By unlocking the hidden insights within your data, we make you better."


Peripheral Data

Do you have systems & devices - IoT Devices, ERPs, HRMS, Access Control Devices, Production Machines, etc - and want to leverage the vast amounts of data that they generate?

Talking Data

A data conversation is the most truthful conversation one can have. Our methodology allows you to unlock the potential of your data, and discover trends, patterns, and insights previously unknown.

Any Data

Does your organization store data within multiple sources? We can fetch, integrate and help you visualize data from all kinds of sources,including Structured or Unstructured Data such as Excel, Logs, CSV, Databases, NOSQL.


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1How Can Iconia Help Your Business
At Iconia, we’ve taken the consultancy concept one step further by offering a full service management organization with expertise.
Iconia partners with businesses to help them achieve growth and development
Your data will give you a lot of information if it is well analyzed

Business Services For Companies

Iconia provides the most innovative and customized business services in the industry. Our Services section shows how flexible we are for all types of budgets.

IT Solutions 100%
Machine Learning 76% and growing
Data Analytics 90%
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    Why Choose Us? We offer you tailored, end-to-end Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions that empower your Production, Logistics, Finance, HR & People, and Sales & Marketing teams to make more independent operational decisions.
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    Insight Gain more insight by questioning WHY it really happened.
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    Culture Align with a culture that advocates value, collaboration, and interrogation.
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    Dedication Take advantage of experience, knowledge & passion, and work with a world-class partner.
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    Evaluation is a key aspect of this business and important
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    Ethic procedures ar always at the base of everything we do

We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for both types of customers: hiring companies and job seekers. Types of customers: with huge potential

Our goal is to help your company achieve its full potential and establish long term stability for the stakeholders

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Our clients are our partners and we can not imagine a better future for our company without helping them reach their objectives

Osho Chemicals
PotterHouse School
Royal Seeds

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We're Passionate About Delivering Growth Services

Our goal is to provide the right business growth services at the appropriate time so companies can benefit from the created momentum and thrive for a long period of time

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